Position Available:

To Apply:

2019 Summer Program Coordinator

Submit cover letter and resume by mail to:

PO Box 772
Brookings, OR 97415 


Email  to:
e[email protected]
Released 1/22/19            

Contractor Position:
KASPER Summer 2019 Class Coordinator

Estimated Project Period:
Begin Mid-February 2019 - End of August 2019, estimated approximately 80-100 flex hours

$1,800 Flat fee for term and completion of objectives; additional potential for $200 performance bonus per Board discretion. Pay excludes approved advertising budget.

Coordinate (not lead) 20-25 classes completed June 15 - August 31

To Apply:
Submit letter of interest stating relevant experience and brief plan for execution to email: [email protected], through our KASPER Faceboook page or mail to PO Box 772, Brookings, OR 97415. Immediate submission requested.

Program Description:
KASPER seeks an independent contractor to implement a Summer Enrichment Program for youth and families which consists of various “classes” and events which support the KASPER mission to bring recreation and enrichment to youth in Brookings-Harbor. The primary purpose of the program is to increase access to affordable recreational and enrichment opportunities for youth of all ages by offering a wide variety of classes at varied days and times while increasing community support and involvement. Additionally, KASPER desires to partner with existing programs, businesses and services to maximize resources and increase participation. This position is to coordinate such classes by recruiting community volunteers/independent contractors, not teach them.

This is a flexible position that allows the right person to primarily work at different times and days as desired to meet the program goals. You may work a few hours each week depending on need and timing. The “busiest” time is March-May for recruitment and planning. Knowledge and efficiency using Google Docs/Sheets, Facebook Events/Sponsored Ads/Posting, general web/computer applications is a MUST.

Scope of Work:
  1. Class Proposals (Form Provided):
    • Work with KASPER Board in recruitment of community persons as volunteers or independent contractors using supplied leads, personal networking, “cold calling”. A past program spreadsheet with contacts will be provided as a jumpstart.
    • Helping community persons to develop class ideas, suggest class formats if necessary
    • Seek partnerships with existing programs or businesses to co-promote and increase participation
    • Collection of Proposals, presentation to the Board (via private Facebook planning group or in-person)
    • Notifying instructors their proposal is accepted/denied and giving them Contractor Agreement (paid) and Background Check
    • Submitting background checks using our secure system
    • Record keeping using a spreadsheet for KASPER records
  2. Scheduling:
    • Checking location availability, scheduling/reservations
    • Notifying instructors of location, instructions for use, cleanup
    • Providing access (if necessary)
    • Followup with instructors for reminders, location key/entry if needed
  3. Marketing/Advertising:
    • Promote classes and registration procedure via our Facebook page (as temporary admin), respond to inquiries
    • Distributing flyers to schools, around tow
    • Work with class instructors to help them promote classes
  4. Registration:
    • Setting up classes in Active (online registration software, provided) for registration
    • Sending reminder emails/texts to Active to registrants
    • Responding to registration concerns, adjustments
  5. Bookkeeping:
    • Coordinating payments to instructors for approved non donated supplies or time
    • Coordinating payment for locations rents, if applicable
    • Records of expenses, reports as needed