Why is Summer Enrichment Important?
Summer youth enrichment programs offer wide-ranging curriculum in academics, literacy, arts & crafts, music, athletic and recreation. These programs not only benefit the youth who participate but their family and the community to which they belong. Summer program participants often improve their academic achievement, enhance soft skills such as communication, working with others and problem solving, develop stronger peer relationships, and much more. Summer enrichment programs offer youth of working parents the added benefit of a safe, structured environment. Employers realize less staff absenteeism due to concerns over childcare. Communities experience less negative behaviors including drug use, theft and vandalism.
How can I support our youth?
KASPER has served elementary age kids through a successful summer program since 2008, but there is more work to be done! KASPER has the potential to serve so many more kids, even middle and high schoolers, with quality educational and recreational programs so all children have access to trying new things, hands-on activities and experiences that may create a spark and provide life-long memories!

Come be a part of the dream and help KASPER expand our programming. Your ideas are welcome and encouraged! Your time is priceless.
  1. Enrichment
    Opportunities for learning new skills with crafts, art, music, STEM, languages and more!
  2. Games & Recreation
    Spend time with their peers learning and playing! Group activities teach important social & leadership skills and develop self-confidence.
  3. Safe Environment
    A positive, supportive environment which encourages kids to become more engaged and motivated to participate while building stronger peer relationships.